Fitbit Charge 2™

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Features & Specs

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  • Added: 4 April, 2018

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The Charge 2 is Fitbit’s latest and debatably greatest fitness tracker, improving on the Charge HR in many ways.

Fitting a larger screen onto a similar size band means the device can display tons more information, including flights climbed, heart rate, time and the ability to easily scroll through and select workout modes or set alarms. It’s brilliant.

It can also be set to vibrate to display caller ID or the first line of received text messages.

Given everything on board it’s impressive that battery life is five days, however it remains a tad disappointing that it isn’t waterproof.

The only way to get the Charge HR to sync with Apple’s Health app is by using Sync Solver. It manages to move your data collected from the band between Fitbit’s own app and Health automatically.

Order now: https://www.fitbit.com/shop/charge2