Joby Magnetic – Tripod with Universal Smartphone

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  • Added: 2 April, 2018

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Explore the versatility of the GorillaPod Magnetic. Combining flexible, wrappable legs and super strong neodymium magnetic feet in a sleek compact tripod form, the GorillaPod Magnetic allows you stretch your imagination and your picture taking capabilities. Whether hanging upside down from the hood of your car or exploiting a craggy rock to get the perfect beachside landscape, the GorillaPod Magnetic is sure to securely take your point and shoot or pocket video camcorder on an adventure.

Because of its flexible leg joints, The magnetic is great for getting the perfect shot on just about any surface. Make sure to have one leg positioned to the left of the camera, one leg to the right and one leg in front of the lens for the most stable set up. You don’t want your GPod toppling over right in the middle of a timelapse photo series! A squat stance is the best stance for GPod!

Position your smartphone anywhere! Attach the tripod holder to the tripod so you’ll be able to set up your iPhone or Android or Galaxy smartphone for photos and videos just about anywhere! Take fun self-timer shots, create awesome timelapse photo series or create neat stop motion videos. Plus, the integrated ballhead makes it easy to fine-tune adjust your compositions.


  • Super strong magnetic feet hold on securely to any ferrous metal surface
  • Flexible, wrappable legs secure your point and shoot or pocket video camcorder to virtually any surface
  • Lock ring provides extra security to ensure your camera is safely attached
  • Slim-line quick-release clip stays connected to your camera and snaps into the GorillaPod for instant setup
  • Designed For: Point and shoot cameras, action video cameras, and smartphone cameras


Order now: https://www.amazon.com/Joby-Magnetic-Universal-Smartphone-Smartphones/dp/B00LEWG41M